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“It’s through education that people achieve sustainable health and results.”

Body By Choice is Grand Rapid’s premier Personal Training studio.  Founded by Nick Klein, his vision is to teach people how to cultivate the gift of life using personalized fitness and care. We create the most professional and educational driven personal training experience.

At BBCT, it is our specialized knowledge that sets us apart.  Having trained countless clients we know how to get results in the most effective and efficient time frame possible.  We work with a broad spectrum of the population with one commonality – all are serious about making a positive change and getting the results they have always wanted.

Our studio is fully decked out with the highest quality equipment.  It is a fully equipped private gym with only the best equipment to meet our high standards of practice. We do not have treadmills.  Seriously, who wants to pay a personal trainer to walk with them on a treadmill?!  When you train with us you will be exposed to a new and exciting world of exercise. Our training does not rely on cardio equipment; instead we show you fun, safe and effective ways to train that produce the results you’re after!

Company Values:

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Family
  4. Passion
  5. Education


“How It Works”

At BBCT, we think outcome, not hour.  Hence, we sell 12 week programs and a personalized experience, not single sessions.  This ensures better outcome in reaching your goals. Our 12 week package rates depend on the individual and their goals.

“Our Proven Process”

Our first session includes an hour and a half Comprehensive Evaluation.  Our experience has proven there is not a cookie cutter program that can be used for every person. People are DIFFERENT, therefore in order to be most effective you need a tailored approach. Before we can design your 12 week program we evaluate your needs and starting point. The Comprehensive Evaluation starts by getting to know you discussing goals, limitations, exercise history, and diet.  After this we complete a Structural Assessment that looks at flexibility discrepancies and strength imbalances. We conclude the evaluation with measurements using our Biosignature Metabolic Analytics software and addressing your personalized nutritional framework. This calculates body fat percentage, lean mass and hormonal profile.  It is our measuring stick during the 12 week program and is used for accountability checkups every 3-4 weeks. The data we collect will allow our experts to design your specific 12 week training and nutrition program. This ensures you maximize your results and achieve your goals.

All Personal Training Packages Include:
Achieve your goals with confidence
Knowing you are working with the best of the best in the industry

Monthly BioSignature and Lifestyle Assessments
Ensuring you are on track toward your goals in a healthy, sustainable manner

Comprehensive Evaluation
Including a structural balance assessment, length tension evaluation, and body fat analysis

Individualized Training Programs
Based on your comprehensive evaluation so that you can train harder, remain injury free and get the tailored approach you need

Workouts For One – Your Own Training
We want you to succeed, so If you are not with a trainer every session we will provide professional guidance on what programs to complete on your own.

Start Up Success Manual
This success blueprint book provides valuable insight on our philosophy, nutrition, supplements, hormones, weight loss, shopping lists, training principles and much more!

Unlock Your Potential
With our specialized knowledge we use personalized periodization for your training, nutrition and supplementation.

Customer Care Service Offers Support And Accountability
Whether it be strength, fat loss or performance targets, Body By Choice holds you to a higher standard so you’re constantly challenging yourself towards bigger goals

No Unwanted Interruptions Or Waiting For Equipment
We are NOT a big box gym, but rather a premier & private training studio so you can focus on your training without any interruptions

Maximize Investment
Investing in professional advice will be the best thing you can do for your fitness and body composition goals.



Fascial Stretching Therapy targets and improves the flexibility of joints and muscles.

The three-dimensional web of connective tissue that permeates and connects all of your body’s structures together — and is the most important factor affecting your flexibility — is called fascia.

Fascia is often overlooked in performance and overall fitness.

If you begin to lose flexibility your joints will deteriorate, your posture worsens, your physical appearance changes, muscular imbalances develop and you become more prone to pain and injury from simple actions.  Daily aches, pains and fatigue that seem to have no obvious cause are likely the result of prolonged and accumulated restrictions in your fascial system.  Our bodies lose flexibility at an average rate of one percent per year!

Improve flexibility and reduce pain with fascial stretching.

Unlike traditional stretching, fascial stretching therapy can dramatically improve your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue throughout your body.*  Lack of flexibility and general tightness can cause aches and pains and can significantly affect your health and longevity.  Fascia, when tight, can restrict range of motion and impair quality of movement.  The fascial stretching therapy program at Body By Choice can enhance recovery after hard workouts and improve performance by optimizing soft tissue mobility and increasing range of motion.

Founders of Fascia Stretch Therapy

This unique concept was created and pioneered by Chris and Ann Fredericks http://stretchtowin.com/.  Over the years, they have enjoyed an incredible level of success, including working as Stretch Coaches at three Super Bowls. The Arizona-based couple got a real kick out of working with members of the Arizona Cardinals at the 2009 Super Bowl.  They have also worked at a variety of NCAA track championships and have been part of three Olympic Games.  Some of the many professional athletes that have benefited from FST™ include; Donovan McNabb, Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles; Sanya Richards, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympic 4×400-meter relay gold medalist and 2012 400 meter gold medal; and Mike Tyson, former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion.

*Individual results will vary.

When you are ready to improve your flexibility with fascial stretching therapy, or to set up your free fitness consultation with one of our personal trainers, please contact us here or call 616.259.9064.



Biosignature Modulation for Better Overall Health

This service is included in all of our Personal Training Packages.  Some people like to solely focus on their nutrition, goals and develop habits using this service before embarking on a training routine.  I assure you we can help.  We will meet you wherever you are at in your health & fitness journey.

Biosignature is based on the balancing of hormone levels through nutrition and lifestyle change.  Biosignature Modulation is a cutting edge, non-invasive program for fat loss and overall health used by the personal trainers at Body By Choice in Grand Rapids MI.  The correlation between body fat storage and hormonal imbalances is significant.  Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and more.  The Biosignature method addresses these imbalances to improve body composition and overall well-being!  It is a safe and natural solution to losing stubborn body fat and achieving wellness – and ultimately, a higher quality of life!  Whether you are an athlete, a business executive or a stay at home Mom — Biosignature modulation can help!

Biosignature 12-Point Body Fat Test

Biosignature goes far beyond traditional weight loss programs.

Developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, Biosignature produces real, noticeable and fast results.  It is not uncommon to see results in as little as two weeks!*  Unlike other methods of fat loss available today, with Biosignature you will see improvements in many other areas of your life too.  Participants commonly report increased mental clarity, improved quality of sleep, higher energy levels and better moods. You can achieve all of this WITHOUT unsafe fat loss pills, hours of aerobic work or unhealthy diet plans!

Our Biosignature Package Includes

  • Five 30-Minute Sessions
  • 30-Minute Final Appointment
  • 1-Hour of E-Mails and Phone Calls
  • BBCT Success Manual Blueprint

Week 1

  • Initial Questionnaire
  • Review Nutrition
  • Review Training
  • Measurements & Body Fat Analysis
  • Pictures
  • First round of supplements*

Week 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10

  • 30-Minute appointment
  • Measurements & Body Fat Analysis
  • Nutrition & Supplement Review

Week 12

  • 30-Minute Final Appointment
  • Measurements & Body Fat Analysis
  • Pictures
  • 12-Week Review
  • Establish the next 12-week goal

*Yes, you can achieve great results with just food. No, supplements are not required; however, supplements are designed as targeted nutritional support, where our natural diets can fall short, and help with faster, better results.


Online Training 



We are excited to bring our group flagship programming to the masses with our Online Group Training! We will focus on improving strength, increasing muscle and enhancing performance. It will not be “easy” training, you must be dedicated to your results and have the desire to bring out the best version of yourself.

Our recent partnership with Personal Training Distinction creates an enhanced online training experience.

Enrollment Now Open for a Limited Time!

Enrollment Closes March 29, 2019.


  • Start up pdf Success Blueprint
  • Facebook Communication Forum
  • Mobile App Tracking
  • Video Sharing
  • Exercise Technique Analysis
  • 12-Week Periodization Cycles
  • Four 3-Week Intra Cycle Phases
  • Video Sharing
  • Exercise Technique Analysis


Each phase will last 12 weeks and we will continue with a new macrocycle intake/emphasis every 12 weeks.


  • Gym Accessibility
  • No serious injuries/limitation
  • 1+ years of resistance training
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Motivated


  • Contract: $44 processed every 3 weeks (4 transactions)

-Email nickklein@bodybychoicetraining.com to set up the contract & payment plan

  • Paid in Full: $147 (save 20%)

-Use the sign up form below




Tailored Program Design Memberships are available for 12 weeks or one year. We begin with an intake form asking health & exercise history. Past training methods, goals, injury status, work and lifestyle stress level, etc. This information allows a deeper level of thought when designing your periodization and training plan.

“Specific Training Yields Specific Results!”

We are striving to build a convenient and effective method for you to achieve greater health.  The best thing in the world is sustainable results.  We want that for everyone. Our online personalized training is designed to be the journey that takes into account the peaks and valleys of progression.

Limited spaces available each year. There is no guarantee Nick will take you on as an online client


  • Direct Communication via phone, email and/or skype
  • Start up pdf Success Blueprint
  • Facebook Communication Forum
  • Mobile App Tracking
  • Video Sharing
  • Exercise Technique Analysis
  • 12-Week Periodization Cycles
  • Four 3-Week Intra Cycle Phases
  • Video Sharing
  • Exercise Technique Analysis
  • Short and Long Term Periodization
  • Descriptions and Training Intent of each Phase of Training
  • Cycle Specific Nutrition & Supplement Recommendations


  • Gym Accessibility
  • No serious injuries/limitation
  • 1+ years of resistance training
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Motivated


(Option 1)

  • 1 Month Contract: $317
  • 3 Months – Paid in Full: $726 (save $225)

(Option 2)

  • 12 Month Contract: $192 processed every month (12 transactions)
  • 12 Months – Paid in Full: $2,004 (save $300)

-Email nickklein@bodybychoicetraining.com to set up personalized online training

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