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I am the proud founder and director of Grand Rapids exclusive personal training studio, Body By Choice Training (BBCT).

My team and I specialize in outcome-driven, effective methods of training, exercise, nutrition and supplementation as well as education for clients and personal trainers alike.

I have leading results based in personal training to those seeking excellence. It is my individualized approach, over 30,000 hours of client training, knowledge and practical philosophies that allow my clients to transform their body, and to achieve Optimal Health naturally. I have experienced several times those that come to us with little hope, poor health, injuries, no personal belief that what we offer could ever benefit them. My personal satisfaction: watching those people thrive.

As a leader and forward thinker, and with my wisdom and knowledge, I will continue to make an impact with the gift of greater health. I Know for sure 5 things:

1. Exercise without a Plan is not optimum.
2. Exercise plans can be optimized when they are personalized. Anyone can improve.
3. Exercising that results in injury is both physically and psychologically debilitating.
4. Follow up and Accountability for results.
5. Health is a long term investment.

I have traveled all over the world learning from the best strength coaches, nutritionists, and mindset consultants to really find an approach that is very individual and that would allow me to have the tools here at BBCT to work with anyone who is serious about really stepping up their results and getting in the best shape of their lives.

I know that you are biochemically different from the person next to you. You need tailored information with tailored knowledge and a tailored approach. The only way to really get that is to have so many different tools in your tool belt. What we do here at BBCT is highly specialized and individualized to match people’s biochemistry at the highest level. So, if you have the will to improve, the outcome is virtually guaranteed.

Here’s to your success,

Nick Klein

“I genuinely care about your overall well-being. My goal is not only to improve your physical well-being, but also your emotional and spiritual well-being. The Body By Choice Training advantage aligns your purpose with coaching that nurtures complete wellness. We are over joyed with the opportunity to help cultivate your gift of life with personalized fitness and care.”

At the core is my group workout program. I cap classes to 8 women per coach. The small group size means you’ll always get personal attention. You’ll train four to five days a week using a mix of strength training and cardio conditioning. I change the workout each day for variety. Members enjoy the way workouts challenge their bodies in new ways each visit.

In addition to the fitness program, you’ll get a personal copy of my common sense eating plan FREE when you join. My team and I follow the same eating plan to sculpt our bodies because it works. You’ll eat a mix of protein, fibrous carbs, and healthy fats. No more missing food groups or feeling hungry.

Motivation wanes over time. That’s why you’ll hear from me daily via a members-only Facebook group. I post workout reminders, fitness tips, and motivation secrets. You’ll also hear from other women who’ve been where are now. Even more, every month I host regular group events such as Girl’s Night Out and holiday parties.

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What will your success story say?

Steve RogerOwner, Personal Training



Courtney Lost 30 Pounds
in Six Months

Debbie Lost Over 30 Pounds

Debbie Lost Over 30 Pounds 2

Debbie Lost Over 30 Pounds 3

Debbie Lost Over 30 Pounds 4



PERSONAL TRAINING Other Group Programs

Small Classes

The small group sizes of 8 per trainer mean that you’re never forgotten or overlooked. And if you miss a class, you better believe we’ll notice and give you a call to make sure you’re okay.

Large Classes of
up to 30 people

Target Female Trouble Spots

Do you worry lifting weights will make you to look bulky? Not in my gym! The group fitness program was designed for ladies. The exercises will give you a shapely, feminine, and strong body.

One-size-fits-all Coed Workouts

All-in-one Program

Our business model doesn’t rely on upselling you on expensive supplements. Everything you need is included when you join. Plus,
we have showers and flexible gym times so you fit the workout around your schedule…not the other way around.

Expensive Add-Ons

Daily Inspiration and Support

I struggle with motivation and excuses just like you. That’s why we created an online group to provide you with daily videos, posts, and live support. Inside the group you’ll connect with women just like you.

Limited Support

Conquer Gym Dread

I realize that equipment doesn’t always look intuitive to use. That’s why after you sign up you’ll get a one-on-one session with one of the trainers before you get started. They’ll show you how to use the equipment, work with you to make sure you have proper form, show you daily stretches. Plus they’ll reveal how to maximize your cardio workouts so you can burn twice the fat in half the time.

Rows of Intimidating Equipment

Proof of Progress

It’s easy to underestimate your progress when you lose weight. My coaches provide regular assessment to track your weight, body fat percentage, and inches lost. Which means you’ll see your progress objectively even if the scale doesn’t budge.

No Assessments


Our members come for the fitness and stay for the friends. You’ll also get daily tips, find encouragement, and stay on-track inside the members-only Facebook group. Bonus group family-friendly events, Girl’s Night Out, and international retreats keep you connected and having fun.

No Community

Workout Variety

Exercises are varied so you’re never bored – and neither are your muscles!
I mix it up between free weights, bars, medicine balls, circuit training, and even PVC pipes to maximize fat burning.

Repetitive Routines

Emily’s Proven Eating Plan

I do all the nutrition planning for you. My approach relies on clean eating you can live with, rather than deprivation or fad diets you’ll hate. To make it easy I even provide the grocery lists. Every meal is delicious and affordable.

Unrealistic Diet

Classes on YOUR Terms

Each week, you’ll book the session days and times that work best
for you and your schedule that week. Get Fit Now is open Monday through Saturday with morning and evening sessions available.

Set Class Times



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  • 1 Step 1 Fill out one of our contact forms. The hardest part of any health and fitness goal is starting.
  • 2 Step 2 will be understand your unique needs and wants. We talk about mindset, beliefs and values. The better you know yourself, the better you can connect to your purpose.
  • 3 Step 3 we will be setting up all of your tools and accounts to ensure you have everything you need to get off to a world class start.
  • 4 Step 4 Completing your Comprehensive Evaluation by taking measurements using our Biosignature Metabolic Analytics software and finishing your Structural Assessment
  • 5 Step 5 is setting realistic performance goals based upon your comprehensive evaluation
  • 6 Step 6 is to join our community and begin training. Our Industry leading staff will design your individualized program using the data we collect over the comprehensive evaluation.


Greg Troutt

5 5 1
Body By Choice is my fountain of youth! After training with Nick for 4 months I've lost 14 pounds, reduced body fat from 29% to 22% and my nagging knee pain is gone! With numerous certifications and years of experience in training and nutrition Nick's sessions are the total package. Nick tailored...

Mike Corby

5 5 1
I joined BBC in January to "supplement" my triathlon training regime. My surprise was that Nick looked at this as a more holistic relationship and tailored a training program that included the strength and cardio development that one would expect, coupled with my previously self directed fitness development ( swimming, biking, running ). So, he and my direct trainer, Kolby ( excellent btw! ), meshed these two development efforts to make sure they worked together to get the results for my personal goals. They also are extremely helpful with nutrition, although I am more self directed in this regard. My season starts this week with my first event and I am more confident and feeling stronger than ever before. My advice to someone starting with BBC is to trust them and listen to them and you'll see/ feel results. ( I hated squats before BBC, and it was because I wasn't doing them correctly. ) These are people with extensive background on physical movement and development and nutrition. And Kolby is amazing. Knows his stuff and makes the workouts "fun".

Mike King

5 5 1
I don't write reviews I am today. I am 60 years old-have had three knee surgeries including a partial replacement. I like to workout but it was getting very difficult and I was getting very little results. Not to mention I was getting nagging hurts that just didn't heal well. Finally decided to go to the Professionals-WOW what a difference. I am heading towards my 32nd workout and have lost weight-increased body mass and lost body fat. I am working out 4 times a week at a tough but reasonable pace-and I'm not getting hurt. I would encourage people to invest in themselves-Nick and his team will help you. Mike

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